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just for your information Jul. 23rd, 2003 @ 09:57 pm
from now on, this journal is friends only.
write a comment,
and there's a possibility i'll add you.

Jul. 16th, 2003 @ 05:47 pm
went grocery shopping with mother today, the last things that needed to be bought before they went away. only three days left now. three days til my nameday, three days til my parents leave for norway, three days until i get company here. we're going to have so much fun, for that i have decided, and then so shall it be.
Current Mood: contentcontent

Jul. 14th, 2003 @ 06:48 pm
damn me. i did it again.

Jul. 14th, 2003 @ 02:29 am
ive been so bad at expressing my feelings in words lately. and whats truly annoying, is that i have no clue why. i know what im feeling, but i cant say it to others. maybe i need more practice. maybe i need more time trying to find what it is im really feeling.

anyway, i feel much better today than i did yesterday. i dont know what got me yesterday. i started thinking of old things, and i visited extremely triggering web pages. so i ended up pouring my heart out again. though this time not to a. it actually helped to talk to him, since he's such a good listener.

i love the state where you're getting to know a person; you know you like her, but you dont know everything about her, so every time you talk, there are new topics to discuss. im in that state with several people from tarvalon.net. and it feels really good, i know ill have good friends from there in a while. i already have some good friends there i met only two months ago.
Current Mood: goodgood

Jul. 12th, 2003 @ 06:17 pm
shortly after i wrote the previous journal entry, mother dragged me grocery shopping. not that i minded much, i got a new book and new playing cards. which im definitely going to need if im to share apartment with tallan. we'll probably be up all night playing canasta ;)

about an hour ago, mother woke me up from a three hour nap. felt really refreshing, and now i know i'll be able to make it through act 4 tonight with eni. or, at least, i hope so.

and i made it to the store before it closed at 6pm. and this was a very good thing too; if i hadnt i wouldnt have had any cigarettes until it opened again at 10am tomorrow. unless my parents could be convinced to go buy for me, of course. still. i made it.
Current Mood: crazycrazy
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» (No Subject)
i have been really really bad on the sleeping sad lately. robin just said, "oh, you're up early too", i responded, "no, i'm up late." and yeah, i didnt sleep any this night. i've just returned from four hours play with eni. made it all the way through act 3 (diablo 2, if you were wondering), and kicked some serious mephisto ass. oh yeah, we rock. i only died once. i couldn't keep up the count of the numerous times eni died.

maybe i should sleep. maybe i should make myself some coffee. hm. i'll decide while smoking.
» nuts nutter saera - in *pink*!
so i was feeling a little nuts tonight.. and i completely remade the graphics for this site. it used to be .. well.. beige and brown and with an angel in the head. now its.. pink. with stars. i'm totally nuts. its true.

i was laughing so hard i nearly fell off my chair when i showed it to darim, the master of the sigforge. he.. actually.. liked it! made me laugh even harder.

im soo cool.
» (No Subject)
now that the tough part is over - getting into school, getting funds to pay rent and staying up there - and there's only the apartment thing left. not that this is not difficult. it is. extremely. but when everything else's gone this good, i cant help but being confident. we're going to make it, and that's just it.
» (No Subject)
i did not live until today.
how can i live when we are parted?

tomorrow you'll be worlds away
and yet with you, my world has started

somehow, i can almost believe it when i read about it. the funny little thing you call love. there's nothing like a good lovestory spun in a good book.

i'm silly, i know, but underneath my facade i'm a real romantic.

though i'll never admit to saying so.
» (No Subject)
i feel really tired.

i was supposed to bake a cake today, but i didnt feel like it, so ill do it tomorrow instead. tomorrow is my parents 20th wedding anniversary. which is sort of cool, even if i dont care much.

seems my brother's going to be at home with me when my parents go to norway. grrr! i was looking forward to being home alone for two weeks like last year, but he blew it. now i can hardly look forward to meeting the people that's coming home to me next weekend. but i try to. and try to look forward to my birthday as well, since i'll meet nettan and jacob.

and its only 3½ weeks until i can go to stockholm.
im so anxious about that though, not the going up there or meeting sis or that, but going back to school. and going five days a week and do all my homework and do good on the tests. i dont know if ill be able to make it. but oh well, i guess its not worth worrying in beforehand.
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